United States destination wedding photographer

Hey!  I'm Brittany, a wedding photographer who calls Hamilton home.  I live in this amazing city with my husband and our rescue fur babies.

When I'm not photographing amazing couples on their wedding day, you can find me camping or doing mini road trips with Joey, cuddling with our 120lbs "lap" dog, Goliath, or playing with our crazy cat Lucy.

I graduated from the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College in Ontario in 2011 and became a published fashion photographer, which is where I wanted to take my photography career.  It wasn’t until a job came up for one of Toronto’s biggest wedding photography companies that I thought of becoming a wedding photographer.  I shot 3 weddings with them and fell in love with wedding photography!  Quite literally. 

I have now been shooting weddings for somewhere around 6 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Things that make my heart happy!

Animals, flowers, the beach and swimming, snow, thunderstorms, scary movies, green tea, family and friends, being barefoot, cool summer evenings, and of course, love!


Five fun facts about me!

1. My husband, Joey and I have been together for ten years!  We started dating when I just turned 17 and he just turned 19

2. If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I would DEFINITELY be pursuing a career in professional driving

3. I have two African Dwarf Frogs that are about the size of a loonie each.  Their name's are Thing 1 and Thing 2

4. My favourite restaurant is Doomie's.  I would eat there everyday if Joey let me!

5. I have seen over 100 bands and drove over 1000km to see the Rolling Stones!



Some of my favourites...



My approach to photography is quite simple; I aim to create stunning and timeless photographs that you and your children, and even your grandchildren can look upon for years and be able to relive the moments whether it be the photos from your wedding day, a couple's session, or anything in between!

There’s nothing that makes my heart happier than a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful love story.  The moment you see your husband for the first time or when you share your first kiss as a married couple, those are the moments I live to capture.  I want you to be able to relive the love and overwhelming happiness you experienced on your wedding day.

My photography is a mix of romantic and timeless imagery with a bit of a documentary style approach to give you the best coverage of your wedding day.

After the flowers have wilted, the dancing has ended, the food has been eaten, and your dress has been packed away, the photos are one of the only things left to remind you of how amazing your day was.  That is why my job is so special to me.  Like your marriage, your photos will last forever!  Photographs are reminders of your first dance, your first look, the family and friends who shared the best day of your life with you and so much more.  

I want my couples to have the greatest experience ever!  To feel like they have brought on a longtime friend to document their day as opposed to someone just doing a job.  I want to help create the best memories for your day.


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