Arezo & Kwabena's Malaparte Wedding


Arezo and Kwabena first met in 2007 when she lived in London and Kwabena was living in New York.  Kwabena was visiting London at the time and they met through a mutual friend.  They had an instant connection, but since they lived so far from each other, nothing much came from it. They added each other on Facebook and would send happy birthday messages over the years. Kwabena even visited London again in 2012 and they met up and had a drink.

Arezo was originally from Norway, and left London to move back home. In 2015, Kwabena ended up moving to London, but Arezo was back in Norway. She did end up visiting London, so they met up once again, and this time ended up talking about their faith. That was what really connected them. They spent the following months talking on Skype and Kwabena even went to Norway to visit her. From December 2015 to October 2016 they had a long distance relationship, going back and forth from Oslo and London. They would even meet in other countries around Europe – 7 to be exact in that period of time. It might have taken over 8 years from their initial meeting to finally be together, but the rest as they say, is history. Arezo ended up moving back to London to be with Kwabena.

After they got engaged, and it was time to plan the wedding, the big question was where to have the wedding. Kwabena had family in Jamaica and New York, Arezo’s family was in Norway, and they had friends all across Europe. After doing a lot of research, they decided to have the wedding in Toronto! Arezo had never even stepped foot in Canada before. It would be a true destination wedding for everyone.

 Lace wedding dress hanging in window.
 White gold wedding rings.
 Bride getting ready in Toronto hotel.
 Light pink wedding shoes.
 Bride getting ready for wedding.
 Bridesmaids wearing purple.
 Bride wearing a white robe to get ready.
 Mom helping bride get ready.
 Bride getting ready in a hotel.
 groom's wedding attire.
 non-traditional boutonnieres.
 groom getting ready in toronto.
 first look in toronto
 bride and groom's first look outside.
 first look in downtown toronto
 Brightly coloured wedding bouquet.
 Small wedding party photos.
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 winter wedding bouquet
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Wedding Planner: Swoon Events

Wedding venue: Malaparte

Videographer: Summerhill Weddings

Florist: Plush Flowers

Hair and makeup: Ford Beauty

Wedding cake: Patricia’s Cake Creations

Photos done at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto

Film scans by Photovision Prints