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Ciera & Steven's in Home Couple's Session

Ciera and Steven met while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic and he was living there, running a restaurant with his dad.  Mutual friends wanted to introduce Ciera to someone her own age so she could experience the beautiful country with a friend.  They brought Ciera to a bar one night where Steven was on stage singing and playing the guitar – and it was love at first sight!  They spent every day together after that and knew they wanted to spend their lives together.  They travelled back and forth from Canada and the Dominican to be with each other. They decided that in order for this relationship to last, he would need to make a move to Canada.

They decided to get married shortly after he arrived.  They picked the home of the same mutual friends that introduced them to be the site of their wedding.  Since things moved very quickly, their wedding rings were purchased from a pawn shop in the Dominican Republic.  The names engraved on the rings showed that they had previously belonged to “Edwin” and “Rafael”.  Short, sweet, hilarious, and perfect.  Two years later, they couldn’t be happier to have found each other. They decided to celebrate their love and relationship with a stylish in home session where they could enjoy each other’s company and cuddle all day long!

Sooooooo freakin' excited to say this shoot was published over on Once Wed!

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Stylish in home couples session in Toronto.

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All film processed by Photovision.

Steph & Joseph's Couple's Session at Scotsdale Farm

Steph is my soon to be sister-in-law so when she told me she wanted photos of her and Joseph done (that weren't selfies) to celebrate their relationship, I knew it would be a fun shoot!  I always love when couples want to do photos of them just for fun!  No big event needed, just some sweet photos to commemorate their relationship at this moment in time.

We went to the beautiful Scotsdale Farm in Halton Hills.  I knew it was a beautiful location from all the posts I have seen of it on other photographer’s blogs and we weren't disappointed!  With overgrown fields, historic buildings, and a tree-lined entrance, this farm made for the perfect setting!  We had the perfect summer evening with the dreamiest golden light.  This farm would be beautiful any time of year!

S&J made it very easy for me to photograph them.  They were constantly giggling and being playful with each other and I was able to capture how they are in their relationship.  Fun, energetic, and loving!  I can't wait until I can officially call them my family!

Featured on Joy Wed!  Check it out here!


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