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The Very Best of 2018

So by now you’ve probably gathered that I am quite bad at blogging. When it comes to my business it’s pretty much at the bottom of my to-do list and that needs to change! I did say I was going to do a “Best of 2018” post, and I know we’re already five months into this year, but I figured better late than never so here we go!

2018, where do I even start with you?! This past year was such a whirlwind of events including some of the best of my life. I got to marry my best-est friend (who doesn’t have 4 legs) in the South of France, we bought a house together, I saw two of my favourite artists ever (The Foo Fighters and Drake), spent a week under the sun in the Dominican, and got to hang out with sooo many awesome couples on their wedding day! 2018 also included a lot of sweet families that invited me into their lives to capture some beautiful moments.

Every year I compile a list of things I want to do for my business and in my personal life, so I figured it might be fun to add to this post so you can follow along too!

get married
buy a house
have my work featured
book some awesome weddings

go to five concerts, which is my usual each year but didn't happen because of the above items lol
swim in new places
go camping, also didn't happen because of the above things, whomp whomp!
try new restaurants
get to know our new city!

shoot a destination wedding

Although I may have missed a few items on my list, I think I had an incredible year and am very lucky to be able to do this job! Thank you again to all of my amazing couples and families from 2018 and soooorry, not sorry for all the photos in this post!

Golden hour photos of the bride and groom.
Bride putting on her wedding dress.
Bride getting ready for her wedding.
Bridal party hanging out before the wedding ceremony.
South of France wedding photographer.
newborn baby swaddled.
Lifestyle family photographer.
natural makeup look for wedding day.
Bridesmaids wearing white dresses.
bridesmaids wearing pink dresses.
cute kids at a wedding.
White and green wedding decor inspiration.
Wedding at Earth to Table Farm.
Groom’s wedding details.
Groomsmen wearing navy blue suits.
Gold wedding accessories.
Bride in Toronto.
Indoor wedding photo ideas.
Summer wedding at Cambium Farms.
Bridal party photos at a farm.
Bridesmaids photos outside.
Earth to Table wedding.
Bridal party photos outside in the Fall.
beach engagement session
Beach in Burlington.
Couple drinking coffee together.
Boyfriend kissing girlfriend on the nose.
Lying in bed together.
Wedding photos indoors in Toronto.
beaded wedding dress.
Bride and groom photos by the lake.
White and grey wedding invitations.
Bride wearing veil for her wedding.
Bridesmaids crying during ceremony.
outdoor wedding ceremony at Cambium Farms.
Funky bride with her dog.
Pets in wedding photos.
Bride laughing at her groom’s vows.
Destination wedding photographer in the Dominican.
Modern groom details.
Bride and groom photos in Mississauga.
Travel photography.
Paris street photography.
fall wedding bouquets.
White and green bridal bouquet.
Bridesmaids wearing white.
Maid of honouring toasting the couple.
fine art film photographer.
Wedding at a cottage in Muskoka.
Outdoor cocktail hour.
Engagement shoot details.
First look photos.
Bride wearing a floral crown.
Elegant wedding details.
Harding Waterfront Estate wedding.
photos of toddler boy.
Summer weddings in Muskoka.
Wedding at a summer camp.
Muskoka wedding photographer.
modern wedding jewellery.
fall wedding photos.
First dance photos.
Fun dancing photos.
Bride and groom kissing.

Check out my Best of 2017 post here!

Some photos shot for Paula Visco, Pam Kriangkum, Kayla Yestal, and Emily Michelson.

Our wedding in the South of France

So as you may know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, my boyfriend (now husband) and I got married in May!  We had a small destination wedding in the South of France with 12 of our closest friends and family.  Since we are both wedding photographers we knew we wanted to do something a bit different and not have to deal with the drama that comes along with having a 100+ guest list.  Don't worry though if you are having a big wedding!  We still had drama lol.  

We found our "venue" on Airbnb which also doubled as everyone's accommodations for the week.  It was a stunning 14th century chateau in the small town of Saint-Hippolyte-de-Caton located around nine hours south of Paris.  This place was wildly beautiful and I still can't believe we got married there!  Everyday started off with an adventure to the nearest bakery to get fresh croissants (HOLY CRAP WERE THEY EVER DELICIOUS!) and some other staples for the day.  We relaxed pool-side or would go on mini road trips to the near towns and be tourists for the day.  Half of our group had never been to Europe before and the other half had never been to France so we were excited to explore the stunning countryside.  I would definitely recommend it can't wait to go back one day with Joey!

Our wedding day was really low-key and relaxed.  We started out the day the same as the others, with croissants and coffee out on the patio.  We got ready in the afternoon, did our first look and then some photos and had a late ceremony with cocktails and dinner afterwards.  The night ended with a lot of Drake, ska music, some crazy dance moves, and jumping into the pool!

Some of these photos are from the sweet little town of Saint-Hippolyte-de-Caton, including our chateau, Arles, Nimes, and other little towns that we stopped in because of their beauty.  Enjoy :)

France wedding photographer.
Destination wedding photographer.
Wedding photographer in the South of France.
French countryside wedding venue.
Niagara wedding photographer.
Fine art wedding photographer in Toronto.
travel and tourism photography.
France countryside.
France wedding photographer.
Destination wedding in Paris, France.
Photo of a European vespa.
Paris street photography.
Wedding photographer in France.
Film photographer in Paris, France.
Street performers in Paris, France.
Poppy fields in France.
Portrait on film at golden hour.
Fine art wedding photographer in Europe.

I couldn't help myself, I had to take some photos on my own wedding day!

Blush pink, beaded wedding dress.
Needle and Thread wedding dress.
Vow books for the bride and groom.
Different wedding dresses.
Wedding in a private chateau.
Bridesmaids getting ready for wedding.

Now some actual photos of our wedding from our insanely talented wedding photographer Kristin Sweeting.  

backless wedding dress.
Wedding photos at golden hour.
Destination wedding in the South of France.

This one below is one of my absolute favourite wedding photos!  This was well after midnight and after a lot of drinks!

Crazy wedding photo ideas.
Fun wedding party photos.
Wedding party photo ideas.
Fun wedding photo ideas.

Now back to my photos!

French Alps photograph.
Photo of mountains.
European wedding photographer.
South of France.
Summertime in Cannes, France.
Canadian wedding photographers in France.
European cars.
French countryside photograph.
Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
Lady in red dress.
Being a tourist in the South of France.
Horseback riding in France.